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Custom Club Fitting

Our experienced club fitters have achieved a level of club fitting standards the industry demands. Your satisfaction is our only goal. Beginner, intermediate and advanced players can benefit from properly fitted clubs. We utilize technology and an outside driving range to see and fit to your desired ball flight.

Technology and information is the key. We are outfitted with Launch Monitors which provide detailed information to be used to give us the most accurate fit possible. The result is a more educated buying decision for you!

The process of fitting clubs that are best suited for your game is where our knowledge is put to use. Our staff of certified club fitting professionals fit for:

  • Proper loft and lie angle
  • Launch angle, club face, attack angle and path'
  • Ball and club head speed
  • Spin rates
  • Shaft type, weight and flex
  • Length
  • Grip size
  • Set make up
  • Gap fitting
  • Putter fitting
  • Wedge bounce and gapping

For more information, please contact Brian Smith at bsmith@golfaugustine.com or 540-720-7374.

Augustine Golf Club
76 Monument Drive
Stafford, VA 22554